Sundays Mornings at 10:30

Our Mission

Sharing life together through God's boundless love.

God’s Love Knows No Boundaries

We believe that God meets all people, right where we are with His love. He doesn't leave us where He found us but gives us new life, new growth, new relationships, new purpose, new habits, and new faith. We hope to be a faith community that extends this love.

God’s Love Brings us Together

We recognize that these new relationships creates a new life together with people of all backgrounds. Our life together is intentional in providing opportunities to grow in faith, learn, and live with a diverse group of people.

Being Authentic Matters

We understand that every person is on a journey. We hope to be authentic with our own journey to share what God is doing in our lives. We value every person, wherever they are in their journey, and recognize that authenticity will open us up to greater growth in God’s love.

God’s New Life is Different

We take Jesus seriously, His teachings, His life, His way. We hope to be a community that is loving, generous, and serving. We also hope to share His love through the way we live with everyone in our community.

Share together

We want to share life together with you.